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real estate

Gilbreath Outdoor is interested in purchasing or leasing your land for billboard advertising use. A long-term lease commitment and an accompanying revenue stream is often a huge benefit to a new landowner or purchaser. If you would like us to assess your land for a potential sign location, please contact us and we will begin researching your property. Gilbreath Outdoor will schedule and manage the entire development process and handle all permitting, construction, maintenance and personal property taxes related to the development of the sign. The monopole signs that Gilbreath Outdoor uses typically require a small 4’ x 4’ ground footprint.

We are also interested in the procurement of existing off-premise signs in the southeast and central Texas areas.

outdoor advertising

Gilbreath Outdoor specializes in billboard displays with effective creative and concise messages. Whether you’re a small or large firm, we have the quality inventory, expertise and personnel to assist your needs. 

Outdoor advertising has increased in popularity as a primary medium for many major companies. Unlike television, radio, print or social media, outdoor advertising:

  • provides advertising exposure 24/7/365

  • builds customer awareness

  • targets certain market areas

  • provides important information to travelers, commuters and tourists

Contact us today to discuss what size billboard and location would work best for you. 

digital/led signs

Gilbreath Outdoor has recently added four digital/LED billboards to its inventory. We are now able to provide real-time updates and shorter contract terms on our large-format LED screens. Whether you'd like to advertise a television show airing that week, an automobile dealership sale happening for one-month long or a breakfast special just during the morning hours, one of our digital/LED signs may be for you. Contact us today to discuss what size billboard and location would work best for you. 

billboard artwork

Big, clean and concise are the keys to a successful outdoor advertising campaign. We pride ourselves on assisting clients in formulating an effective outdoor advertisement at Gilbreath Outdoor. An appropriate-sized outdoor advertisement and layout is imperative to a successful advertising campaign. Before approving the artwork, look at the layout from a 12' - 15' distance from your computer to ensure you are satisfied with the copy. Keep in mind, most drivers will have 6 to 10 seconds to read the advertisement. We recommend utilizing contrasting colors and, when available, specific PMS colors that will formulate the detailed advertisement. The most effective advertisements use less than 10 words, so be brief and focus on the most important message you want to convey.

View our artwork gallery for examples of successful campaigns and contact us today for an artwork consultation. For artists, see our LED/Digital specs and our standard art specs.